Horse Shows

Recognized Horse Shows

We can provide our campers the experience of competing in horse shows sanctioned by the United States Equestrian Federation.

There are recognized C rated horse shows every week that our campers can compete in. We take a maximum of 7 campers at a time to compete in these shows.

They are all within a two hour drive from camp and parents may observe their daughters competing at these horse shows.

There is an additional fee of $895.00 for participating in these shows. Includes transportation for horse and rider, entry fees and use of horse

Camp Horse Shows

There are also horse shows at camp during each two week session which are open only for campers. The camp shows take place on the Friday just before the end of their session. The camp show dates are July 7th, July 21st and August 4th.

Camp horse shows start at 10:00am. This gives our students an opportunity to demonstrate their riding skills for their parents. There are even classes for beginner riders so everyone gets a chance to win a ribbon.

There is an additional fee of $125.00 to participate in the camp show.

Practicing hard pays off.