Opening Day Schedule

Your arrival time is on Sundays between 10:00am and 12:00pm. Departure time is 10:00am – 12:00pm on Saturday. The dates will vary based on which sessions you signed your daughter up for. You may also inquire about the exact dates by email:

On arrival, please, park in the driveway and go to the office to check in. Please, bring necessary papers (see below) and make a cash deposit into your daughter’s personal account for canteen (snacks, drinks, camp t-shirts and sweatshirts), water park, trip to the movies, roller skating, laundry and miscellaneous expenses. We suggest $150.00 per week. If you sign up for the NYC or Southampton Beach Trip we suggest an additional Deposit of $100.00 for spending money. We will debit your expense fund at the end of the session and issue any credit that you might have.

All expense fund deposits must be in cash

Please bring any uncompleted forms to camp and submit them at check in:

  • Health forms (4 pages)
  • Meningococcal – meningitis form
  • Non-prescription medication form
  • Copy of front and back of the insurance card
  • Campers recent photo
  • Camper’s guidelines

All forms are available on our website under Camp Forms

Campers are not allowed to have any medications in their room. All medications (in original containers only) are to be given to the nurse who will dispense them. After the medical check-in is completed, you may proceed to your room and get settled in.

We ask that you not request a tour of the camp at this time, since our staff will be busy getting campers checked in.

Please note that campers are not allowed to have cell phones in the dormitory. Please check all cell phones at the office. They can make their phone calls home on Saturdays between 7:30pm – 8:30pm ET as an evening activity. International campers are allowed to receive or make their phone calls on the same day at 1:00pm ET.

Opening Day Schedule

10:00am – 12:00pm…….…Check-in

12:30pm – Lunch

2:00 – 3.30pm…………Riding Evaluation. A counselor will escort you to the riding ring for a brief preliminary evaluation of your riding skills. Please, check your riding evaluation time and schedule posted on front door of the dorm. Based on this evaluation, you will be placed in a riding group with others of similar ability.

4:00pm – 5:00pm……Swimming Evaluation. Change into your bathing suit for swimming test and pool safety orientation at the swimming pool.

5:00pm…………..……..Barn Orientation meeting. Discussion of rules and regulations under the white tent near the tennis court.

6:00pm…………….…Camp Orientation meeting under the white tent. Discussion of general camp rules and regulations. Counselors introduce themselves.

6:30pm……………..…Dinner under the white tent near the tennis court.

7:30pm ………………Evening Activites. Get to know your games.

9:00pm……….………Campers in own rooms. Prepare for lights out.

Visiting Days and Camp Show

Parents’ Day is on Fridays:
• July 10, 2020
• July 24, 2020
• August 7, 2020
• August 21, 2020

These are also Camp Horse Show Days. We welcome all parents to come and visit camp on these days, watch your daughter participate in a camp horse show, have organic lunch with us and just hang out with your daughter. Your daughter can sign up for horse show later on at $95.00. Please, note that based on our experience most of the campers sign up for this horse show at the last minute, so you should arrange your schedule so you can come and visit.

Camp Horse Show Schedule:
9:00am – 3:00pm Horse show
12:15pm – 1:00pm lunch for kids and parents

Although official pick up time is Saturday morning before 9:00 -11:00am, it is also possible to pick your daughter up on Friday afternoon at your convenience.

Please do not drive up to camp on any other day to visit!!!

Recognized Horse Show

Horseshows that we attend outside of camp are $650.00 per show. This does not include braiding the horse’s mane or tail. All horseshows are optional and the decision to compete in them is up to you. Away horseshow expenses may be paid by check. Any unspent money in your daughter’s account will be sent to you within 30 days after your camp session ends. Parents are welcome to come to these shows as well.

Bringing your own Horse

If you are bringing your own horse to camp we must have

  • A negative Coggins taken within the last six months
  • A health certificate and the recent immunization records.
  • Rabies vaccination shots.
  • A copy of your horse insurance naming International Riding Camp as “also named insured”
  • Name of your horse’s health insurance carrier and the policy number.

Unless you are bringing your own horse, please do not bring a tack trunk. Our space at the barn is very limited.

Southampton Trip

If your daughter is going on the Southampton trip, please bring along a soft bag along with riding and nicer clothes that she can pack for the trip.

Airport Transportation

Please, email us:

  • Flight information
  • Unaccompanied minor payment receipt (if your daughter is travelling as an accompanied minor)

Riding Clothes

In addition to the items needed on the riding clothes and equipment list, we are requiring safety vests for jumping in the ring as well as for the cross-country course.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 845-647-3240

An excellent website which covers questions about camps and the camping experience is: Topics covered are homesickness, phone call policies, etc. There is a DVD/CD called “The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success” by psychologist Dr. Christopher Thurber. This may be ordered from this site sponsored by the American Camp Association.

Arno Mares