Living Accommodations


Where else can you look outside your dormitory room and see horses grazing?

Our campers and counselors live in two-story air conditioned dormitory. This rustic style building has 16 rooms, with adjoining bathrooms. Your daughter’s well being and safety is one of our primary concerns so our infirmary is located in the dormitory and staffed 24 hours a day. The Ellenville Regional Hospital is just five miles away in case of any emergencies.

Our counselor camper ratio of 1 to 2 ensures proper supervision of campers at all times. Campers are grouped two to four to a room according to age with a counselor sleeping in each room for proper supervision. Our equestrian camp is really just for horse lovers and since all of our campers have a common interest in horses, they will make friends easily from day one. Our first time campers start exchanging stories about their horse and pony experiences the very first day at lunch. By dinner time they have already made friends with all the campers in their room. Our campers make lasting friendships during their stay at our riding camp.