Visiting Days & Camp Horse Show

Parents’ Day is on Fridays:
• July 6, 2018
• July 20, 2019
• August 3, 2018
• August 17, 2018

These are also Camp Horse Show Days. We welcome all parents to come and visit camp on these days, watch your daughter participate in a camp horse show, have organic lunch with us and just hang out with your daughter. Your daughter can sign up for horse show later on at $95.00. Please, note that based on our experience most of the campers sign up for this horse show at the last minute, so you should arrange your schedule so you can come and visit.

Camp Horse Show Schedule:
9:00am–3:00pm: Horse Show
12:15pm–1:00pm: Lunch for kids and parents

Although official pick up time is Saturday morning before 9:00-11:00am, it is also possible to pick your daughter up on Friday afternoon at your convenience.

Please do not drive up to camp on any other day to visit!!!